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Fashion, Health & Beauty: Natural Healthcare

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Offering a holistic approach to healthcare, supporting clients on a journey to optimum health.

Holistic Therapist, Eileen offers a wide range of relaxing and therapeutic treatments, including aromatherapy, massage, reki, hopi ear candling and stone therapy.


Vouchers available.

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We offer a wide range of high quality nutritional supplements for the whole family with “purity” in mind. These include food-state vitamins and minerals, and organic super foods. We wish to empower you to make wiser, healthier, more conscious choices which will help you to stay healthy from the inside out.


Packed with essential vitamins and minerals, watercress is classed as an Superfood, it is versatile and truly unique.

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Why not supplement your diet with our organic watercress capsules straight from our mineral rich spring water-fed farm in the chalk downs of Dorset? See our website to find out more.

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