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Torres-Silecio-Arbequina-500ml Crop

Food & Drink: Condiments & Preserves

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Based in Dorchester, we’re the first European farm to successfully grow and harvest fresh wasabi, using traditional Japanese methods.


If you like wasabi, you’ll love it fresh!

Logo crops vegetable Pack shot Whole plant

"Fantastic product" Michel Roux Jr.

tapasito-pitted-manzanilla-olives Crop

Great quality Spanish foods, selected and imported by ourselves and supplied at

fair prices.

el-avion-smoked-hot-paprika Crop mallafre-250ml-olive-oil-basil Crop Mallafre-PateOliva-gr

From our website and shop in The Royal Arcade, Boscombe, we offer quality filled and empty hampers and basketware, alongside locally sourced gorgeous foods.

With over 50 years combined experience in the food & hospitality industry, we can assure you of the best service too!

Quality Hampers & Gifts Dorset crop Spice n Easy crop Pickle Dorset crop Quality Hampers & Gifts Sweet onion marmalade crop dorset-nectar-cider Cider Vinegar from Dorset Gourmet Apple Cider Vinegar

Made on our family-run farm where our sun ripened apples are whole crushed and pressed at the orchard’s cider barn.

We use only certified organic apples and no chemicals so our gourmet apple cider vinegar is the healthiest you’re ever likely to find. Perfect for sprinkling over salads and rice dishes.