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More Reason to Trust Locally Produced, Organic Products.



by Lindsay Anderson, Jan 21 2013 8:34AM


The recent scandal of horsemeat being discovered as a hidden ingredient in supermarket value burgers only reinforces the argument for selecting organic, locally produced quality produce.


When a value beef burger can legally contain only 47% beef, we should understand that you get what you pay for with the food you purchase to feed your family. While I can’t claim to be holier than thou when it comes to healthy eating, I have made one stand I’m proud of. Myself, my partner Neil and our daughter Daisy are all vegetarian. Daisy is 7, has been raised without ever eating meat and now says this is because she loves animals and doesn’t want to eat them (having been indoctrinated by mummy and daddy!). Fingers crossed, she is a healthy (if slighty crazy, bless her!) young girl, despite my mother panicking that she would be a weedy, undernourished slip of a thing!


...But that is our choice. What I would just say is, if you are going to eat meat, for the sake of your own health, that of your family and of our creature cousins, please do give some thought to how it has been reared and produced. When over 900 million animals are slaughtered to provide food for humans in the UK each year, don’t we at least owe them some kindness in return for the sacrifice they make. And, as well as being better for you and your conscience, organic, free range meat must also surely taste way better, too, don’t you agree?






by Lindsay Anderson, March 20 2013 8:34AM


Did you get involved in Red Nose Day last Friday? My seven year old daughter, Daisy, had been planning at school for the big fundraising event and asked whether we could run our own cake sale. I’m proud to say her youthful enthusiasm spurred us on into action.


Dorchester’s leisure centre hosts a programme of kids swimming lessons each Saturday morning at half hourly intervals. We worked out that this would provide a perfectly-captive audience for cake and they would be suitably hungry after their weekly swim!  


The General Manager of the leisure centre was generously open to us taking over their reception area with our stall for this special cause and made it simple for us to press ahead with the idea. No backing out allowed then – it was time to spring into action! Our kitchen became a production line on Thursday evening with 98 cupcakes churned out and decorated in a variety of patterns involving jelly tot, choc drop and sprinkles galore!


A quick text round generous friends also resulted in more cakes, which again multiplied when we scooped up the school’s cake sale left overs on Friday (well, they had been donated for the Red Nose cause!). So no need for further baking  from us – just packing and organising for the morning!

Come Saturday we had downloaded Mary Berry’s great tips on running a bake sale from the Red Nose Day website, along with some pretty bunting and posters. Mary suggested not pricing your cakes, just asking for donations and, as she cleverly predicted this did, indeed, encourage more generous giving!


After 3 busy hours of sales, we had an amazing £117.35 in our pot and a great feeling that we had played our part. Everyone’s efforts across the UK had raised a wonderful total of over £75 million pounds – wow!! It took my daughter to motivate me, but I will get involved again. If, like me, you’ve not fundraised since you were at school, I recommend taking some time out to do so. We might all think we’re too busy, but it really is worth the effort, I say.



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Lindsay Anderson & Neil Burrows, parents of a 6 year old girl Daisy, live in Frampton, a pretty village on the River Frome just outside Dorchester in Dorset.


In 2012 we launched Shop Dorset, a new website for Dorset artists, craftspeople and small businesses, which has grown out of Lindsay's love of crafts and their shared love of their beautiful county.


Maybe the site could be a great success, if Lindsay could just stop playing with her dog Lottie (too cute & playful to resist!) and knuckle down to working from home...

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